My Portfolio Archive

A List of Websites

I recently saw a site called UX Archive and I thought it would be interesting to have my own portfolio archive. But, only as a blog post!

As a designer, I have a website of all my work. Over the recent years, I have used different third party website builders to help me showcase my work to the world. The list below is mainly for my own reference. For each of the website I created, I dedicated a lot of time and I didn’t feel like deleting it. Deleting doesn’t get rid of it on the net..

Some of the projects were removed but the layout retains its form!

The very first place, I think I ever uploaded my work.

As I built my undergraduate portfolio, I used Cargo Collective.

Filter: View All | Branding | Typography | Symbology | Publication | Security | Infographic | Packaging | Illustration…

I created another after I graduated to apply for jobs and graduate school.


and my recent one below…

I rarely stayed more than a year with a company.

A list of web resources other people use.
WordPress, Weebly, Behance Prosite