I must document this because this my fifth hackathon, first official win, and my third time hacking with the @ZhifanLi and first with @EmilyChao. It’s pretty memorial to me.

The idea all started with this article Emily read while she was on the bus. We learned their was a struggle for ex-felons to reorient themselves into the society today. They weren’t use to the routine, a new environment, and the list of challenges go on.

Though it may be mind-boggling, we managed to have our tuned concert at our table and did our inspirational walks. We brainstormed our ideas, researched, and thought of the possibilities to complete the app. We wanted to concentrate on the user and what it was like to be in their shoes and what resources were available to them.

We created a web application with the following features.

  • a SMS service that will send randomized tips, meal reminders because research shows prisoners are called to all 3 meals. When they are released, they usually forget to have them.
  • a page of resources filtered by categories that will help them find employment, prepare for their job interviews, registering for driver licenses, obtaining social security benefits, and much more
  • a timeline where users can input the year they incarcerated and learn about the events they missed

Everyone had the opportunity to pitch their application to three judges within two minutes. This was the most challenge part because we had so much to share. Talk about getting to the point!

During the final judging stage, everyone waited for their team to be called to present. There was an interesting number of ideas and application made. A team created an app called “Pants or No Pants” where it analyzes the users trends and recommends whether they should wear pants. Another team came up with an app that checks whether the text is gears toward feminine and masculine words. It provides a rating and give you recommended words to use.

Near the end, we were surprised that our name was called and made it to the final judging pitch! I am very proud of my team!

Truly thankful for this experience @Linkedin have given us, hosting this hackathon, and be part of all this action that is happening.

Thank you!

Life After Prison helps reorient ex-felons to society today through a customizable self-help text message system.

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